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Hi there,My name is Anila. I am a full-blood German Shepherd female and my trainer is Lauren.  I am being trained to help you feel better and not get so sick and scared with your diabetic lows and highs!! Taking care of you is my new job. I will be much bigger and fully trained just before Christmas 2011!! Would love to be under your tree so call my trainer Lauren and she will get you started on your new life with me!!


PS Lauren is so proud of me cause I am already good at sit, stay, come, and doing a decent job on the lead at only 10 weeks old!!


PSS I am proud of me too cause I can tell Lauren every time when I have to go out to potty in my special place!!


A word from Lauren Quinn,My Heart . . .     My Heart . . .


I love training young dogs to help diabetic kids and adults around the country live a safe, healthy and productive life.  A life free from a plummeting BS levels that leave you sick, seizing and unable to work or play for days!!


My Story . . .


My name is Lauren Quinn.  I am a type 1 diabetic teen, living in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado.  Our family moved to Colorado before I was born so I am a native here.  At age seven I became very ill and was diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes.  The first year wasn’t too bad and mom gave me all the shots.  But from age 8 until now at 18, I have been what the doctors say is a “brittle diabetic.”  I began having seizers that were Grand Mal in size and my parents worked hard to try and find something to help these debilitating episodes that would leave me in bed for days and my doctors scratching their heads.  It was such a frightening existence not knowing when my blood sugar would be plummeting low for no apparent reason.  My pump and even continuous monitor was not reliable enough to prevent these debilitating seizers. It was happening all the time in the middle of the night, while playing and shopping or at school. Yikes!!  My mom had to sleep right outside my bedroom door to listen for my panicky screams of help night after night.  Real controlled sugar levels were impossible and still are.  I have to rework my pump settings on nearly a daily bases. My saving grace has been Jarrah, my trusted friend and service dog. She alerts me with kisses to ear nibbling when I am awake and barking to alert everyone in the middle of the night. Jarrah has made

it possible for me to drive and have a place of my own in the near future!!  Yes!! Freedom to have a life!!


My Plan . . .


My plan is to pass this new life onto others that are struggling to get a grip on real life . Those that want to Get free from debilitating fear of  the next seizer that will leave them or their child out of control and totally dependent on you or friends for life!!


This is your Opportunity to find freedom

Just like me and my mom . . .


My parents and I are training a service dog for you.

“Anila will be available in 4 months”. You or your child will also know a free and fearless time on this planet earth. When my parents purchased my DR dog  Jarrah 4 years ago, they were charging $6,000.00 . . . We want to help more children and adults needing a precious diabetic response dog!!  Your price today is only $3,000.00 for a fully trained working friend and life saver.


Please call 303 582 3921 or email my secretary * my mom, Pat, at pquinn7777@yahoo.com


Hey, life is now worth living with my dog Jarrah, right by my side!!



Lauren Quinn

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